10 Questions about Qi beauty

By Barbara Poczyniak, R.Ac

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Here are the top 10 questions I get about Qi beauty™ treatments.

What is Qi beauty™?

It is a treatment based on Japanese and Chinese Medicine Acupuncture points, combined with the power of gold-plated magnets. Each treatment uses a customized matrix of gold magnets placed on the skin.  This works to deliver energy to the skin and restore homeostasis of vital fluids beneath the skin’s surface. 

How does Qi beauty™ work?

A matrix (treatment pattern) is laid out along the face, targeting areas of concern. Specific magnetic gradients created by this pattern will facilitate the movement of intrinsic compounds under the skin’s surface. This in turn works to help define facial features, reduce heavy jowls, lift the brow, reduce facial sag and the loss of skin volume.

Are results noticeable right away? 

Subtle results are noticeable after one treatment, but become long lasting after 5 or more weekly treatments. Results may vary from person to person and will depend on your individual skin goals as well as lifestyle and health (ie. smoking, water intake, sleep habits, etc.)

Why are the magnets gold plated?

Qi beauty™ gauss specific micro-stimulators are plated in 24 karat gold and designed specifically for achieving skin lift and volume. Gold particle alchemy chemically assists with healthy skin pH and is known to brighten the skin. After just one use, the gold-plated stimulators are noticeably tarnished, as the power of the gold and magnet combination has been spent on the skin. 

How long do results last after a treatment?

Results become longer lasting after a series of 5 or more treatments, and may last for 6-12 months or longer. The length of time will depend on many factors, including age, skin condition and desired outcome.  For optimum results we suggest the use of Qi beauty™ Home Kits for maintenance in between professional visits. These kits can also be used as a maintenance method after an initial series. 

What is the recovery time?

Here’s the beautiful part – there is no downtime or recovery time after a Qi beauty™ treatment!  There is no bruising or swelling. These treatments can be delivered to skin up to twice per week if you are planning for a special event. As an alternative to facial acupuncture, this treatment is ideal to have the day before, or even day of your special day.

What is better – cosmetic acupuncture or Qi beauty™?

Each treatment has unique attributes, and they are often combined in a customized treatment schedule.  Cosmetic Acupuncture works on the inner health of the person, as well as being a cosmetic treatment.  Qi beauty™ is perfect for clients who are wary of needles or who cannot risk the (small) chance of bruising.

Who should avoid Qi beauty™?

Although Qi beauty™ can be of great benefit at any age, there are some instances where caution must be taken.  Please inform your practitioner if any of the following apply: if you have any areas that have recently been treated by Botox or dermal filler. 

It is contra-indicated if: you are pregnant; you are allergic to gold; you have a pacemaker, implanted medical device or insulin pump.

Can I just use the Home Kit on its own?

The Qi beauty™ Home Kit is designed to be used in between professional treatments. If you cannot come in to the office – or if there is no certified practitioner in your area – the kit can also be used as part of your self care regimen.  We offer a free 15 minute consult to go over the use of the kit and make suggestions for product placement. 

Can you reuse the gold magnets?

No, they are only used one time. Once the power of the micro-stimulators has been spent they are of no further use for aesthetic treatments. 

What next?

Have questions about Qi beauty™ and if it is right for you?  Please contact me for a free consultation call to discuss your situation and get more specific details. 

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