Arvigo Abdominal Therapy and IVF

By Barbara Poczyniak, R.Ac

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Have you decided to start your journey in IUI or IVF?  Or perhaps you are already preparing for an upcoming ART cycle? Did you know that Arvigo Abdominal Therapy® can be an excellent companion therapy – alongside Fertility Acupuncture, or just on it’s own.

How does Arvigo Therapy help IUI or IVF?

Arvigo Therapy® is a gentle, external massage treatment that focuses on regaining the optimal flow of vital fluids and energy to the abdominal area.  It is often also known as “Maya Fertility Massage”, as it has traditionally been sought out for all types of women’s health issues, including subfertility.  This therapy helps to balance blood and nutrient flow to the reproductive organs and helps the body carry away waste with the lymph fluid.

Abdominal massage work can also support the optimal position of the uterus, thereby improving fresh blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.

How to time Abdominal Massage treatments during IVF

Ideally allow a 3 month period of treatment prior to trying to conceive in an ART cycle.  However, if you have already begun the process this supportive massage work can still be safely be done at most stages of the cycle.  Depending on where you are at in the process, we’ll customize the best schedule for you.  

Before starting the IVF process

The best time to receive this massage is in the window after menstruation and before ovulation. During this time your ovarian follicles are maturing and can benefit from increased circulation. As you prepare for an ART cycle, this massage can also help balance mood and relax the nervous system. This is a relaxing, emotionally supportive treatment during a time that may be stressful for some women.

You will also learn the self care abdominal massage techniques that can be done on a daily basis at home.  These will help to prolong the effect of the professional treatments.

During the IVF cycle

Once your IVF cycle starts, the massage can be performed once a week up to when the stimulation process begins. Ideally we can schedule you for 3-4 visits leading up to stimulation of the ovaries. Once the injection stage begins, it is still possible to have this massage but the protocol is slightly modified.  It can be very beneficial for women who are experiencing excessive bloating and/or constipation during this stage. 

It is also helpful to schedule a session just prior to a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) or prior to IUI.  Abdominal massage (including self massage) is not done after the transfer or IUI.  Other supportive therapies such as Acupuncture are safe to use during this period.

Next Steps

Have questions about Arvigo Therapy® and how it might fit in your plan?  Please contact me for a free consultation call to discuss your situation and get more specific details. 


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