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Building Resilience in

Perimenopause and beyond

Replenish your inner resources and regain a healthy hormonal balance, naturally

A 'whole person' approach to feeling better in body & mind

Perimenopause is different for every woman. It may be even harder for women who are dealing with it during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Perhaps you've had new symptoms or have been feeling ungrounded for a while, and and are wondering how big a part stress plays in all of this. 

Finding hormonal balance and true healing takes a targeted, multi-level approach.  It takes more than popping a supplement or getting a treatment once in a while. It takes true self care. But it doesn't have to be hard.

We've created a program to reset, replenish and support you in building resilience and regaining wellbeing.



  • the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness*
  • the ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens**

For women who may be...

  • Experiencing the physical symptoms of perimenopause such as insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, skin changes and other signs of hormonal fluctuation.
  • Experiencing the emotional symptoms of perimenopause such as anxiety, irritability, rage, sadness and more.

Also for those who are...

  • Feeling physically, mentally or spiritually burned out and exasperated by the ongoing pandemic AND are intent on building resilience to get through it.

Building Resilience Program

A guided program combining in-person treatments with online learning and personalized self care practices

Acupuncture Therapy

Release stress and tension with effective in-person treatments for pain, fatigue, anxiety and other emotional concerns. 

Mind-Body Approach

Uncover the power of your heart's energy against uncertainty.  Boost your resilience and fortitude with simple, science based techniques.

Self Care Resources

Learn valuable self care practices that will support you through difficult times and beyond. Assemble a wellbeing toolkit to suit your lifestyle and needs.

What to expect from our time together

Give us 2 months and we'll give you the foundation for stress management and wellbeing in midlife and beyond

  • Stress Relief 

  • Self Care Strategies 

  • Empowerment & Support

  • Transformation

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A toolkit of tried and true therapies

Our holistic approach utilizes both traditional and modern, evidence based therapies

acupuncture on the foot


Amplify your body's natural healing abilities with safe, gentle acupuncture treatments that focus on body and mind.

fresh vegetables on table

Holistic Nutrition

The right combination of healing foods can nourish the body's depleted tissues and glands, setting the stage for a true health re-set. 

woman with crystals in hands


Science-backed self care methods to help you shift from a state of stress to one of coherence and balance. Easy-to-do guided visualization and breathing techniques can be a powerful method of reducing stress and making changes at a deeper level.

abdominal massage

Abdominal Therapy

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woman smells bottle of oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

High quality therapeutic essential oils to help stimulate a healing response in the body and mind.

woman doing yoga pose

AcuPatching™ Phototherapy

Phototherapy combined with acupressure is an effective self help tool for both physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Is this for you? Ask questions and see if it's a good fit

We want to make sure you'll get what you need from this program.  Book a free discovery call

to get more information on how this can help.


how much time will this take each week?

Each in-clinic treatment is 75 minutes and we suggest staying with the recommended treatment schedule. For most clients, we suggest weekly visits in the first 3 weeks, and then spacing out the remaining visits further apart. The 7th (free) treatment is meant to be used as part of your maintenance program.

In between in-person treatments, expect to spend between 10-20 minutes each day on the self care activities that are part of program.  Some participants may choose to spend more time incorporating the "at home" suggestions than others.

i already eat well.  How can this help my stress?

Eating to manage stress is about more than just the food you eat, it also takes into account mindfulness habits and seasonal considerations. We offer nutritional counselling based on a functional medicine approach integrated with TCM healing principles. 

what does the online learning component include?

We have set up an online learning portal for all of the self care tips and advice to support building resilience in between visits.  This information is easy to digest and  takes just a few minutes per weekly module.  As new information is added to the portal, this becomes part of your program materials. You will have access to it for up to 12 months after your program ends, but the knowledge is meant to be helpful for a lifetime.

do i need to do all 6 sessions?

It is highly recommended to complete all 6 sessions to get the most benefit.  Benefits of Acupuncture and mind-body work are cumulative, results are more likely to stick when you can commit to a regular schedule of treatment and practice.

can i just get acupuncture on its own?

Yes, we still offer standard acupuncture sessions as part of our services.

what does this program cost?

Each in-person treatment is $130, and it is payable at time of visit.  The total for the 6 visit program is $780 including a BONUS treatment and unlimited* access to the online learning portal.  Your 7th in-person treatment is FREE, and can be used as a maintenance treatment up to 6 months after completing the initial program.

*online access is for up to 12 months after your program ends.

Do I need to be good at meditation?

No, this program uses very simple mindfulness processes (and will be beneficial even if you "hate" meditation or have never tried it).

is this covered by insurance?

Acupuncture is not covered by OHIP, but many people have coverage under their extended benefits plans.  Check with your plan if acupuncture by a Registered Acupuncturist is included.  We provide receipts so that you can complete your claim directly with insurer.

* definition from Oxford Languages ** definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary