woman receiving reiki

Reiki with Linda Kang

We are delighted to introduce Linda - Reiki & Shamanic Healing Practitioner to our space in downtown Toronto!

Linda is an intuitive healer who calls on the power of Reiki energy and shamanic healing wisdom to guide her.  She dedicates her life to this work in hopes of lighting up the world one person and one experience at a time!

These sessions are best for:

  • people who believe in energy work and are curious about exploring
  • those who are highly sensitive and need a clearing
  • those who are on a spiritual quest

What to expect:

Her Reiki sessions are gentle, with hands laying lightly on the body.  During this stillness, there is a deep processing and reorganization taking place, creating a space to digest experiences and allowing some to release.  Clients will leave feeling lighter, full of hope, and with some direction.

Fees and how to book:

Experience a shift now! Available for in-person and distance sessions.

REIKI PLUS (60 mins) $130

REIKI PURE (45 mins) $115

REIKI POP (30 mins) $75

For full descriptions of each session type and to book, please visit:

Not sure which session type to book? Contact Linda at (647) 273-4683 or by email at: